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Car recycling parts

Car recycling parts(parts for domestic market)


Receiving the request from customer,
we go to carry the used car.
The body numbers etc of all stocked car are managed by a computer.
It is stocked until moving to next working line.
the situation of stock

Production and dismantlement

Parts that can still be used are detached from car carefully after confirming the states and function.
The car is detached small parts according customer's requirement, such as exterior components, the engine parts, and electrical equipments.
The engine, the radiator, the underbody, and the harness, etc. are detached.

the situation of Production and dismantlement


Parts detached from the car are washed carefully, and only the recycle part that clears the inspection is kept importantly in the warehouse.
In order to speedily send out the parts received an order; the storage location and the storage method are devised.

Appearance of keeping

Order and sending out

We try to immediately select a good part from the stock of two million points in the whole country by using the online system.
When an online order is received from the whole country, the parts are strictly packed and are sent out to the whole country.

Order and sending out

About the consultation

We try to do all well of collection, transportation, and the processing. Please consult once.

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