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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

The "Privacy policy"; is the basic rule of the TANABE Ltd. (Hereafter, it is generically said, "Our company") to collects, to uses personal information.
When the customer offered customer's personal information to our company, it is considered that the customer agreement of offering the personal information to our company along the following privacy policies.

Coverage of privacy policy
When our company uses the personal information collected by using this site.
In this privacy policy, "this site" is
Responsibility of collected personal information
Our company supervises the personal information on this site.
About the collection and use of the information
Our company collects and uses the personal information (name, address, telephone number, and E-mail address) for the following purpose.
・To reply the question and request from customers.
・To deal with the application of customer
・To accomplish our company obligation based on mutual with customers
・To note for the recruitment
Except the privacy policy, Our Company doesn't disclose the personal information that can specify the individual. However, it excludes in the following cases.
・When information disclosure is legally demanded
(Court order, requested by legal, and requirement for preventing fraud and other crimes.)
・When our company considers it is necessary to disclosure the information for defending our company right, property, or employee of our company, user, and customer etc safety.
in order to keep an accurate record
Our company tries to keep information of customer offered to be accurate and the latest as much as possible.
Please contact our when you request confirmation or changing the information that the customer offered.
About Use of personal information that customer offered to other websites
Our company doesn't assume the responsibility of the privacy policy and the rule of other websites in the following cases.
・When the customer accesses other websites through the link of this site
・Or, when the customer access this website from other website.
Our company recommends the customer to check the privacy policy of each visited website.
Please contact to the owner or the manager of the website when you have business or question in each website.
About the revision
";Privacy policy"; might be revised according related law etc, or be changed from the policy of TANABE Ltd., etc. without a previous notice.
Inquiries about "Privacy policy"

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