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Company overview

Company overview

Company name TANABE limited company
President Hiroshi Tanabe
Head Office 2-1, west 4 and south 1,Obihiro City, Hokkaido, Japan
Factory 1-5, west 23 and north 5,Obihiro City, Hokkaido, Japan
Capital 3 million Yen
Number of employees 22
TEL President:+81-155-67-1123
Recycling parts:
FAX President:+81-155-67-1124
Recycling parts:
Company's externals
Company's externals
Business contents
Collection and transportation of industrial waste, specially controlled waste, and general waste.
Intermediate treatment, construction, operation, and management of final disposal site.
Iron, non- iron, Precious metal, glass, plastic, paper etc.
Collection, dismantlement selection, and processing of various materials.
The second-hand buying and selling and the trust sales
House demolition
Used car sales
Used car parts sales
Export Parts Sales
Movement of car by wrecker
General lorry shipping
Import-export business and the buying and selling of car, two-wheeled vehicle, train, ship,
farm machines and implements, construction machinery, precision machine apparatus, and those parts
Brokering, agency
All businesses associated with above
December 14, 1964
Koichi Tanabe opened the company in west 1 and south 24, Obihiro City, Hokkaido, Japan.
Acquisition second-hand dealer licenses from the Kushiro public safety commissioner.
March 25, 1967
Because addition of car dismantlement business, the factory was moved to west 23 and north 5, Obihiro City.
Acquisition Scrap metal dealer licenses from the Kushiro public safety commissioner
Hiroshi Tanabe succeeded management from Koichi Tanabe.
Acquisition industrial waste collection and transportation license
August 1, 1997
The organization was changed to TANABE Ltd.
The representative director is Hiroshi Tanabe.
January 1, 2005
Acquisition automobile dismantling license along with automobile recycling law enforcement.
Starting car dismantlement

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